A brighter year of 2021!

2020 is getting to an end. What a roller coaster! For vivalyte the year started with fantastic project realizations everywhere around world. Some of our most exciting realizations are posted our our Instagram page. And it's ending up with a period where we are going back to the basics about doing business and [...]

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An interactive and immersive exhibition booth for Berry Alloc

Suppose you sell click laminate flooring that is resistant to water. You could tell that to your customers, but what is much better? Showing your product in a wet environment. But because water on an exhibition floor is really inconvenient, Vivalyte created an immersive underwater environment where visitors literally walked on the ocean [...]

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Lighting up illusions for Musée Grévin in Paris

Entertaining Paris since 1882, the Grévin museum has always been a mythical place of entertainment and illusion. Vivalyte was asked by audiovisual solution provider Inytium, to help with the lighting, a very important aspect with illusions. The Grévin museum has more than 450 wax statues of French and internationally renowned people such as [...]

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A fantastic interactive experience at Euroshop 2020

Vivalyte Euroshop 2020 Highlight Thank you for visiting the Vivalyte interactive experience and sharing your questions, ideas and dreams. We saw a lot of interest for our interactive light walls. From the interactive light tunnel and gamified dynamic skyscraper to eye-catching flexible LED neon decoration lighting. The [...]

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The latest innovations in LED for large-format interactive display

Are you concerned that consumers no longer pay attention to publicity?  Check the latest innovations in LED. Brand owners and marketing agencies invest a lot of money and energy in beautiful and eye-catching publicity. But does it still catch those eyes? People seem to suffer more and more from billboard blindness. There must [...]

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Paris Retail Week 2019 – Thank you for visiting us!

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Paris Retail Week 2019! Our graphical designers worked out a stand concept and animations, especially for Paris Retail Week 2019. The focus was on our latest innovative technologies: Dynamic Lightbox and Smart Signage. On the big Dynamic Lightbox back wall, we see Paris changing by day [...]

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Open all summer!

Our offices and warehouse are open all summer with slightly lower staffing! Feel free to contact us any time during the summer holidays. We wish you great summer holidays!

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