Team Vivalyte interactive led backlit lightbox wall with lidar gamification

Thank you for visiting the Vivalyte interactive experience and sharing your questions, ideas and dreams. We saw a lot of interest for our interactive light walls. From the interactive light tunnel and gamified dynamic skyscraper to eye-catching flexible LED neon decoration lighting.

The possibilities with dynamic lightboxes are almost endless. Adding extra dimensions and interactive experiences add lots of value to your marketing efforts. With a bit of creativity, you can set your brand in motion and add unexpected elements to your displays.

Immersive Light Tunnel

The inviting center of our stand was fascinating experience in a lightbox tunnel filled with changing colors and visuals.

Full of interactivity, the tunnel stimulated visitors to play with light and sound, soon absorbing them in a complete immersion.

Amazed, visitors touched the walls to enjoy a surprising and colourful spectacle in this interactive experience.

Vivalyte Magicor large format print interactive led wall

Interactive skyscraper

The 6 meter large format print of a skyscraper used dynamic LED lightboxes behind the multi-layer fabric to create a lot of stopping power. With added motion-tracking technology and gamification by Magicor we made the lightboxes really interactive.

A lot of passing people stopped in their tracks to play with our set-up and went hunting for the hidden surprise. Which is exactly what we wanted!

Immersive visual communication through creative illumination.

Neon Flex

Many say it’s a cliché, but big brands and designers keep coming back with “One more Neon“. We were happy to oblige with our Neon Flex.

The controlled distinct lines show the wide application possibilities for flexible LED strips in branding and architecture.

What is more, the pixel neon brings out all possible effects you can imagine, with the power of digital control and programming.

Vivalyte Retail marketing flexible LED neon lighting


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