|||32m² of dynamic lightbox signage for Lancôme in Paris

32m² of dynamic lightbox signage for Lancôme in Paris

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Dynamic RGB lichtbox Lancome Paris Vivalyte

How do you grab the attention of hurried commuters in a busy place like a station in the centre of Paris?

For their new “La vie est belle” campaign, Lancôme wanted that extra touch that would wow people and make them look up at the screen. Lightbox animation to the rescue!

The Gare Saint-Lazare was chosen as the ideal spot for the campaign. With 164 million commuters per year (up to 80.000 per hour) there were guaranteed to be enough eyeballs to impress. Lancôme realized that even the pretty face of Julia Roberts would not be enough to make people look up.

So they asked our French partner Lab.Productions to make their signage really stand out. They built 3 large format lightbox frames of 12m² (3x4m) and asked Vivalyte to ensure that the perfume and Mrs. Roberts were well illuminated.

We were happy to provide them with our quality back-lit dynamic LED lightbox panels. These backlight panels for LED signage are ideal to bring your visual to life. They let brands add animation to tell a story, using a single printed fabric. LED panels behind the graphic highlight your brand and message and create amazing stopping power.

Julia Roberts’ smile has never looked more radiant!