Vivalyte is proud to have served as a technical partner in Lydia Cauwels‘ graduation project. Our expertise in lighting came in very handy for a student designing modular lighting but looking for some technical guidance in doing so.

The Howest Bachelor Industrial Product Design teaches students to design meaningful and sustainable products for a circular economy, with state-of-the-art technology, creativity, and engagement with societal challenges.

The program also brings the students into contact with the field, not least during the internship and the bachelor thesis in the final year. As such, Lydia spent six weeks learning and working with Open Structures (a design studio that is building an open-source database of modular parts with a sustainable focus), where she worked on finalizing an existing design for a modular tube lamp.

But lighting is a complex subject. So her mentor sent Lydia to Lei Li of Vivalyte to answer any technical questions and brainstorm with her about possibilities and applications.

tube light modular Open Structures sustainable

I was immediately treated very professionally at Vivalyte. Not just as a student who drops by with a research question, but as an equal partner with interesting input. This was very encouraging to me to immerse myself further in the project. And even though Vivalyte knew that this would not lead to big profits right away, I got all the help I wanted. It made for a win-win feeling throughout the project“. Lydia Cauwels

sustainable led tube light modular Open Structures

We would like to thank Lydia for her eagerness to better understand illumination and her enthusiasm during this project. We would like to congratulate her on her graduation and wish her all the best for her promising future.

And Lydia, you are always welcome here at Vivalyte!