Sign2Com 2021

It’s Sign2Com , Vivalyte’s home fair again!

Are you ready to bring emotion to light and enhance the experiences? Come to see the highlights of the show, and experience what the latest technology can help you to bring your Emotion to light:

  • #Dynamic lightbox
  • #Interactive lighting experiences
  • #Pixel neon
  • #Smart signages
  • and more…

Also on the show: Meet Mr. Fausto Martin and join one of the technical seminars from top notch European technical expert!

Mr. Fausto Martin, is a well respected European Technical Expert on Illuminated Signage. He was Co-Chairman of the Technical Commitee of European Sign Federation. And also member of the Italian Electric Committee SC 34 C, as well as Italian delegate to the CENELEC. Fausto is a visiting Professor at the University of Madrid (Faculty of Architecture – Master of Architectural Lighting Design).

Mr. Martin would delivery following presentations:

– Light pollution: a general survey across Europe (Sign2Com seminar, Monday 1:30 PM)

– Technical requirement for CE marked light boxes (Vivalyte stand, Monday afternoon & Tuesday)


Team Vivalyte.

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