A delicious beer with a sparkling twist

Vivalyte - leds have a beer!

Our Vivalyte Triple is a delicious dark blond beer of high fermentation, traditionally brewed by local craft beer brewery in West Flanders of Belgium. The beer owes its refreshing fruity aroma to the carefully selected raw materials such as the best barley malt, aromatic hops and abbey yeasts.

These ingredients are processed with respect for the rich Belgian brewing tradition, enhanced with the latest Anglo-Saxon insights. This gives the Vivalyte beer its perfectly balanced taste with hints of citrus fruit and a slightly bitter finish.

Vivalyte beer has an alcohol content of 8.8% and a cheerful sparkle. Pour the beer at a temperature of 6 to 8° C and enjoy the hoppy freshness with love.

A sparkly experience – just like our dynamic and interactive light solutions!