The Internet of Things in Signage

Make your life easier with Vivalyte’s Smart Signage solution. It’s an all-in-one controlling system that helps you manage your different LED installations. This web-based platform is designed to measure, monitor and manage your signage assets in real time.

No more running from one installation to another to change the settings. Communication is cloud-based and you control it from your computer, tablet or smartphone. In other words: it’s the Internet of Things in signage.

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Key benefits

With Vivalyte’s Smart Signage solution, you automatically improve the safety of your installations. The web-based platform analyses your data and reports the results. The smart power supply prevents fire by shutting down in case of overheating and the operator receives an immediate error notification.

Ensure the continuity of operations thanks to live fault reporting. You receive a notification that will either prevent an error or inform you about one. The real time data collection allows you to identify the installation that causes the error, so you can find a proper solution, possibly even before it happened.

The intelligent energy management makes Smart Signage an economic and ecological solution. It manages the light output of the LED installations based on scenarios and ambient conditions. This smart use of energy does not only benefit your company, but also the environment.

Level 1:


The hardware consists of two main elements: sensors and smart power supplies. The sensors are integrated into the sign. This independent solution will manage and monitor the temperature, illuminance, humidity and heat. The smart power supplies measure and regulate the power consumption, electrical current and voltage.


Level 2:



The software is an easy-to-use data analysis program. It’s fully web-based, requires no installation and can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers. All you need is an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 4G). Ready? Set… Go!