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Project in the Spotlight: Casino Golden Palace in Ronse

Casino Golden Palace in Ronse - vivalyte lightboxes in windows

If you pass by the casino Golden Palace in Ronse, you have to look twice to see that the people behind the windows aren’t real. The windows are covered with lifelike lightboxes.

The creative visuals give passengers a perfect idea about the scenes on the inside: people sitting at gambling tables enjoying their night out. The end customer was very happy with the end result.

Our customer Nickel Creative Solutions installed the lightboxes earlier this year. We gladly provided them with the LED equipment and helped them calculate the necessary parts.

The lightboxes were made with the Vivalyte VSL series, our LED solution for sidelit applications.

Curious? Try your luck at Grote Markt 29, Ronse (Belgium) 🍀

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