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36m² dynamic lightboxes for SEAT

What is the best way to reach a big audience for your product launch? Let’s do it in three easy steps:

  1. Find a place where lots of people pass every day
  2. Hang big dynamic LED lightboxes overhead
  3. Wow the audience with messages that pop!

To show off their new Leon, big car brand SEAT did this with remarkable success.

The chosen spot? The beautiful Gare de Lyon in Paris. Not only is this railway station a beloved departure point for Parisians for journeys to the sunny south. With more than 80 million passengers per year, it is also one of the busiest stations in the French capital. An ideal place to promote a car that was given the tagline “Born in the sun“.

We supported our partner Lab.Productions to spread the brand message. A bold and colorful car for an urban setting. A dash of cheerful Spanish lifestyle, spreading throughout the station on 3 large format lightbox frames of 12m².

We were happy to help with our dynamic LED lightbox solution. Animated back-lit LED panels for signage are the ideal way to bring your message to life. Start with a great visual on a large-format printed fabric. Add smartly lighted LED panels behind this graphic to highlight your brand message in surprising ways to create amazing stopping power.

Honestly, wouldn’t you look up longingly when you’re wriggling through a busy station?

SEAT Leon. Illuminating Paris like the Spanish sun.


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