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The Wings (Ghelamco)

The Wings building stands out in the Brussels night. With more than 4 km of LED lighting seamlessly integrated into the façade, it maintains a subtle and elegant appearance. Programmability with pixel-based control allows for various lighting effects, mapping messages around the building and creating captivating effects.

Façade Lighting for Ghelamco Office Building in Brussels

In the heart of Brussels, the brand new The Wings building stands as a testament to architectural innovation and creative illumination, thanks to the meticulous façade lighting design.

We delve into the behind-the-scenes conversations with Tim Van de Voorde, the visionary project manager from Ghelamco, and Laurent Javeaux, the skilled designer and engineer from Inytium, to unravel the technical brilliance that brought this dazzling project to life.


A Building That Soars

Tim Van de Voorde, the project manager behind the Ghelamco Wings project, shared his vision of creating not just a building but an iconic statement in the market. The strategic location, with its proximity to major corporations, a forthcoming tram connection, and a unique design concept inspired by wings, set the stage for something extraordinary. “We wanted to be ahead of the market, not just constructing a standard square block. We aimed for a distinct identity that makes a statement,” says Tim.

The name “Wings” organically evolved, representing the building’s proximity to the airport and the interconnected wings of the structure. Collaborating with Neopaul, Inytium, and Vivalyte, a full-scale mock-up of 20 meters was created on-site, a crucial step in assessing the visual impact of the proposed lighting design. Tim emphasised the importance of visibility, uniqueness, and ecological considerations. “We wanted a ‘wow’ project that stands out in the night landscape, meanwhile also showcasing the building’s scale and ecological consciousness,” he added.


The Wings - Vivalyte Pixeline Flew Media Facade lighting
The Wings - Vivalyte Pixeline Flew Media Facade lighting

Integrating Light seamlessly

One of the critical challenges was integrating the LED lighting seamlessly into the façade, maintaining a subtle and elegant appearance. Vivalyte’s technical expertise played a pivotal role in overcoming this challenge. Tim noted, “The engineering was made much easier with Pixeline’s capabilities, allowing adjustments on-site rather than relying on pre-finished products from the workshop.”

A remarkable achievement was the invisibility of the LED strips when turned off. Tim proudly shared, “If visitors try to guess where the LEDs are when they’re off, they’re almost always wrong. The strips are discreetly housed in aluminium cassettes, beautifully integrated into the building’s design.”


Pixeline: Flexibility, Control, and Precision

Laurent Javeaux from Inytium echoed the sentiment, highlighting the importance of flexibility in design. “The smooth lines and rounded contours posed a challenge, and Pixeline’s capabilities made engineering much smoother,” mentioned Laurent. One of the standout features was the absence of visible transitions between LED strips, thanks to a diffused intermediate piece that created a seamless effect.

With a total of 4 km of LED lines meticulously prepared, the installation process became a blend of art and precision. Laurent pointed out that Pixeline’s programmability allowed for quick and enjoyable experimentation with various lighting effects. “Pixel-based control adds tremendous value. It’s not just about lighting up areas; it’s about mapping messages around the building and creating captivating effects,” he added.

The Wings - Vivalyte Pixeline Flew Media Facade lighting


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