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LED light engine for Lightbox

From world largest global fairs exhibition, to the premier of the brand and products events, you will find impressive lightboxes illuminated by Vivalyte smart LED solutions behind the scene.

Vivalyte engineers LED solutions for some of the world largest lightbox manufacturers & operators, with a clear goal in the mind:

High performance imagine quality and visibility

  • Perfect uniformity
  • Distinguishing brightness (high contrast)
  • Ultra-Briliant color reproduction

Worry free integration

  • Mounted at the back (backlit) or side (sidelit)
  • Custom made engineering to fit into the lightbox and mounting structure
  • Safe & Reliable operations

Efficiency and Sustainability

We starts designing system with total system efficiency in mind. By choosing the most efficiency LED engine, coupled to the suitable optical system, the light can be distributed uniformly in the most efficiency way to the desired area.  To further reduce the carbon foot-print, Vivalyte offers dedicated smart lighting control systems which can be connected to the internet and operate remotely, without human intervention. This ensures a smooth operation as well as minimising the cost of ownership of the system deployed.

Patented VivaClip

Vivalyte is known in the lightbox and large format printing community as being the innovator of using LED to make lightboxes to shine.

Vivaclip is a clear example where the innovation was at the heart. It was developed to significantly reduce the time of mounting and production for large format lightboxes. Time saving and effortless mounting are the key

Our showcases for this solution.

European Molecular & Biology Lab
European Molecular & Biology Lab
Citeco museum Paris
Citeco museum Paris
36m² dynamic lightboxes for SEAT
36m² dynamic lightboxes for SEAT
Euro Space Center
Euro Space Center


We light up
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Vivalyte provides stylish and cost-effective solutions for eye-catching creative lighting. By using innovative LED products, strong technical expertise, and an unparalleled customer service, we solve even the most challenging lighting issues.

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