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Brand signage in uniform and accurate colours for Gregory’s

At Vivalyte, we thrive on bringing innovative and reliable lighting solutions that illuminate spaces but also enhance brand identity and customer experience. Since 2015 Vivalyte collaborated with Greek Sign maker Fotep to address the branding of Gregory’s, Greece’s largest coffee and fast food chain, showcases our commitment to delivering custom, cutting-edge lighting designs that make brands shine brighter.

Gregory’s has been a household name since 1972, offering a vast range of fine coffees and delicious food across more than 340 stores in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, and Romania. As the 10th largest coffee store chain in Europe, Gregory’s embodies a rich tradition of quality and customer service. To enhance their iconic branding further, Gregory’s partnered with Vivalyte to integrate our innovative LED backlit solutions into their storefront designs.

Attractive LED Signage for Greek coffee chain Gregory's (Neon led)
Recognisable LED Signage for Greek coffee chain Gregory's (Neon led)

Transforming Brand Visibility w Neon F16F

The main focus of our collaboration was the VTM LED modules, a backlit signage solution chosen for its versatility and impact in the compact form. These lights were meticulously installed to outline Gregory’s storefronts, making the brand logo pop against the urban backdrop. The vibrant and uniform illumination of the VTM LED modules not only enhances the visibility of the Gregory’s outlets both day and night but also strengthens their brand presence in highly competitive urban markets.

Vivalyte VTM signage modules proved to be a superior solution on being reliable and efficient cross the long life time. It provides a continuous, seamless glow that is crucial for maintaining the aesthetic integrity of Gregory’s visual identity. This lighting solution is especially beneficial in the food and beverage industry, where brand recognition and visual appeal directly influence customer footfall.

Sustainable LED Lighting Solutions

In line with both companies’ commitments to sustainability, the VTM LED modules provied to be not only energy-efficient but also durable. This aligns perfectly with Gregory’s ethos of quality and responsibility, minimizing their environmental impact while maximizing the aesthetic appeal. This is proved by nearly 10 years of seamless operations cross the mainland as well as in the shops of numerous of islands of Greece, often far away with non-regular access. Reliability proved to be key to reduce the total cost of ownership for the owner.

LED Signage for Greek coffee chain Gregory's (Neon led)

The collaboration between Vivalyte, Fotep & Gregory’s is a prime example of how tailored lighting solutions can transform commercial spaces into displays that capture attention and drive business. It showcases Vivalyte’s ability to adapt and deliver lighting solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients while pushing the boundaries of LED technology.


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