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Illuminated ceiling & walls

Vivalyte's light ceilings and walls offer a versatile, energy-efficient solution for ambient illumination in any space. Elevate your design with customizable lighting that sets the mood, integrates seamlessly with architecture, and creates dynamic displays for every occasion.

Redefine the ambiance of any interior with Vivalyte’s innovative light ceilings and walls, the ultimate solution for creating immersive environments.

Our cutting-edge LED technology allows for seamless integration into your design, providing uniform, glare-free illumination that enhances the mood and functionality of your space.

What about an immersive light wall or light tunnel as a trade show booth?

Whether you’re looking to simulate natural daylight, create dynamic color scenes, or simply add a touch of elegance, Vivalyte has you covered.

Why Vivalyte’s Light Ceilings & Walls Stand Out:

  • Ambient Illumination: Achieve the perfect balance of light, enhancing the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your interiors without the harshness of direct lighting.
  • Dynamic usability: Turn a white ceiling or a boring wall into a living thing and create appropriate moods or immediately immerse visitors in an attractive atmosphere.
  • Energy Efficiency: Enjoy bright, beautiful lighting that’s both cost-effective and kind to the planet, thanks to our energy-saving LED technology.
Vivalyte dynamic lightbox ceiling with animated sky for interior design
Engaging interactive light wall & ceiling vivalyte

Creative Applications for Light Ceilings & Walls:

  • Mood Setting: Tailor lighting to evoke specific emotions, from calm and relaxation in spa settings to focus and energy in workspaces.
  • Architectural Integration: Merge lighting seamlessly with your design, using light as a building material to shape and define spaces.
  • Dynamic Displays: Incorporate programmable scenes to change the ambiance for events, branding, or artistic expression, making every moment unique.

Our showcases for this solution.

The Wings (Ghelamco)
The Wings (Ghelamco)
European Molecular & Biology Lab
European Molecular & Biology Lab
Citeco museum Paris
Citeco museum Paris


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Vivalyte provides stylish and cost-effective solutions for eye-catching creative lighting. By using innovative LED products, strong technical expertise, and an unparalleled customer service, we solve even the most challenging lighting issues.

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