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The eye-catching, animated neon sign at the former Bacteriological Institute in Leuven (BE), now an art studio, is the perfect result of a fruitful collaboration between architect Arnout Van Vaerenbergh, sign maker New Neon, end customer KU Leuven and LED supplier Vivalyte.

KU Leuven reopened their BAC Atelier on the 24th and 25th of April in Leuven. BAC Atelier is an art studio from KU Leuven, running since 2016 and reopened in 2019. It’s a place where art en science meet. Dressing the building has been quite a challenge since it’s listed as a historical monument.

KU Leuven contacted an architect to help work out a design and got in touch with New Neon for the installation. There were lots of practical aspects to consider: the frame couldn’t be any thicker than 10cm to fit in the construction, the lights had to be visible also during daylight and most importantly: the lights should be programmable and couldn’t flicker or have a long start-up time.

Vivalyte helped New Neon by finding the right type of LED Neon for this application. With the right instructions and frame coming from New Neon, Vivalyte programmed the animation for the neon signs and offered support where necessary. The end result is exactly as intended: the fluently changing letters are perfectly visible day and night in Leuven. The Neon words change every few seconds: BAC – ART – LAB.

The opening was a big success: KU Leuven received over 500 visitors who were all very enthusiastic about the sign. Christina Seyfried, KU Leuven: “It looks exactly like what we had in mind, we’re very happy about the end result and the reactions of our artists and their visitors are truly positive.”

Want to see the result in real life? Go and have a look in Vital Decosterstraat in Leuven! More information on https://www.kuleuven.be/cultuur/kunstwetenschap/bac-atelier

Want more information about the endless possibilities of LED Neon Flex? Feel free to contact us to discuss!

Animated Neon sign for KULeuven


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