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Add atmosphere to your business with Vivalyte’s Neon Flex. This flexible LED solution is ideal for either decoration lighting or contour application. It’s a neon-like illumination for both indoor and outdoor use that is available in several colours.

Its flexible design offers a high degree of freedom of shapes and allows creativity. Use it to create smallshapes or set it up as an eye-catching contour for your logo. It can be your Christmas decoration or serve as ambient lighting in your showroom.

All-in-one flexible LED strings

Vivalyte’s Neon Flex is the perfect LED illumination to highlight architectural contours. It comes equipped with a flexible PCB and is fitted with SMD LED technology.

The dot-free linear illumination has a small bending diameter of 50mm, which allows you to be creative with shapes. If both ends are powered, one string can be up to 30m long. If desired, you can shorten it every 50mm.

The strings consist of two parts: the top LED layer and the protecting base. The LED layer is available in seven different colours: three shades of white, yellow, red, blue and green. The base is usually the same colour as the LEDs, but customization is possible. The LEDs are dimmable, so you can create the exact atmosphere you want.

This CE and RoHS certified product is made of eco-friendly silicone material. It’s both weather-proof and flame retardant, so 100% safe to use indoor and outdoor.

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Thanks to the flexible design of the LED strings, you can create any shape you want. The product is very easy to install, with brackets or aluminium channels.

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