Bring your visual to life

With a dynamic lightbox, you can add animation and tell a story with a single printed fabric. Dynamic LED panels behind the graphic highlight your brand and message and create amazing stopping power. Make a painting come to life or simulate a cloudy sky.

The possibilities are endless and the added value is undeniable. Be creative, set your brand in motion and add unexpected elements to your dynamic lightboxes. Vivalyte offers you the service and support you need for a successful roll-out.

Power up your branding & advertising

In today’s dynamic world, your branding and advertising needs to stand out with creativity and surprising elements. It’s vital to spend your budget wisely without compromising on imagination and originality. The possibilities that the Vivalyte Dynamic LED panels offer are infinite. By simply changing the content and  highlighting parts of your print, you create an entirely different look and feel with the exact same graphic.

Thanks to the dynamic lightbox, your brand stands in the spotlight. Use it and power up your in-store and out-store signage displays.

Dynamic LED Lighbox: tell a story with stopping power!
Interactive branding with a Vivalyte Dynamic Lighbox

Experience your brand

Engage your audience through fun and unique Brand Experiences. Reward your customers for their visit by offering much more than ordinary everyday practice.

  • Make it extraordinary
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it Instagramable

Driven by latest interactive technology, the Vivalyte Dynamic LED panels become interactive experiences. Stopping power grows into playing power. The visitor is treated with a fun experience and gets physically and emotionally involved with your brand.

Power up architectural design

Every building tells a story, and so should the inside. The easy-to-build dynamic lightbox LED panels from Vivalyte can help you shape that story. The modular design makes sure that it fits into any interior, big or small, modest or luxurious. Enjoy its versatility, day after day, year after year. If you decide to change your interior, you can easily change the lightbox print and animation with it.

The Vivalyte Dynamic LED panels help you create dynamic architecture in two respects:

  • Make paintings come to life or add movement and extraordinary atmosphere to walls and ceilings
  • It‘s very easy to change the print or LED content. Adapt your sky simulation on the ceiling according to the seasons, for example: cloudy in spring, sunny in summer, rainy in fall and snowy in winter.
bring architecture to life with a Vivalyte dynamic LED lighbox

With Vivalyte’s Dynamic LED panels you can create even more powerful communication,
branding and advertisements, thanks to:

Night mode activated!

Keep the element of surprise by hiding certain elements in night mode. A multi-layered printed fabric allows you to camouflage parts of your design. Have them hidden in night mode by printing them at the backside of your fabric, and they are only visible when lit. Everything that’s been printed at the front, the day mode, is visible at all time, but can be put in the spotlight when lit.

Dynamic Lightbox - Raggi-X-3943

A successful rollout

  1. Creation
    We help you develop your idea (ideation) and provide your with visual and animation designs.
  2. Production
    We support you in finding the right hardware, printed visuals and animation.
  3. Deployment
    We assist you in the set-up of the mechanical hardware and print, and in uploading the animation.

What’s in it?

over_dynamic lightbox_square

We offer dynamic backlight panels, available both in white light and RGB LED lighting.

Combine the lightbox with a high-resolution printed fabric and you create an eye-catching, brought-to-life visual. If you’re looking to take your advertising or architectural designs to the next level, Vivalyte Dynamic Led panels are the perfect, most cost-effective solution for you.

What’s in it for you?

  • Easy-to-build modular design
  • Easy change of print and upload of video animation
  • Integrated power management
  • Available in any size
  • Multi-layer capability
  • Day & night mode capability
  • Zero maintenance

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