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Vivalyte super-efficient LEDs

Vivalyte is leading the charge in the innovative field of low-temperature lighting, a critical advancement for environments housing delicate items. This technology is essential for retail, or museums and galleries where the preservation of precious artworks is paramount.

Vivalyte super-efficnient ledstrips

New super-efficient LEDs

As a pioneer in innovation, and in anticipation of the European Union’s stricter requirements Vivalyte has been looking for super-efficient LEDs for some time. We are proud to announce that we are one of the first suppliers in the world to offer LEDs that meet the requirements for the B and C category. (There are currently no A-rated lamps available anywhere).

The Vivalyte VFN-H2835-90 24V has a light output of more than 210 lumens per watt.

(Note that our 24V LEDs with an output of 212 lumens per watt would meet the requirements of Class A. But for the non-directional / off-grid lamps, there is a correction factor of 0.926. Hence, the lumen output * 0.926 is the value to be accepted. 212*0.926=196.3 lm/W and thus a very good B class after correction. For more information on how light efficiency is calculated following the new EU guidelines, read our article on EPREL – the new EU labeling for LEDs).

For the very popular 12V LED lamps in the lightbox industry, Vivalyte offers the VFN-H2835K-120 with impressive results in the new “class C” (>160 Lumen/Watt).

The super bright and dimmable 2835 LEDs are available in a wide temperature range with a light output up to more than 600 Lumens per meter.

Light source efficiency graph for EPREL LED lights

Discover the new Vivalyte high-efficiency LED strips

To give you a better idea of the advanced nature of these products, let’s compare them with some widely used LEDs.

Triple your lumens per Watt

The currently most widely used LEDs in the signage, lightbox, and light wall sector are the well-known 3528 LED strips. These have a light output of 70-80 lm/W (Lumens per Watt).

Compared to that, our new LEDs with up to 212 lm/W, easily achieve 3 times this light output per watt.

Even compared to the most recent efficient LEDs that came on the market in the last 2-3 years (the popular 2835 series with a 100-140lm/W), the new Vivalyte LEDs score almost double the light output!

Lower energy costs

That’s a huge difference. For installations that require high light output and are running for many hours each day, the gain is quickly significant. So we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers this great gain in efficiency that will certainly have a positive impact on their energy costs.

In our article on the impact of super-efficient LEDs, we provide a calculation of savings for a lightbox installation. When running for a year the energy costs are reduced from €1425 to €570, just for the light and not accounting for gains in cooling, power supplies, HVAC or lower electrical requirements.


Meanwhile, we continue unabatedly in our quest for an A-class so that lightboxes become super-efficient.

Vivalyte Efficient True Light series LED strips


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