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Gallery signage

Lighting is essential in bringing art and exhibits to life. Custom gallery signage creates captivating scenes that enhance the visitor’s experience. Illuminate your museum or gallery with us to unveil a new dimension in your displays.

Let’s create captivating stories together

In museums and galleries, effective illumination can transform simple objects into captivating narratives. Our bespoke lighting solutions breathe life into your exhibits, offering an immersive and unforgettable experience for your visitors.

  • Enhanced preservation: Our gallery signage emits minimal heat, protecting delicate exhibits from damage caused by excessive light exposure.
  • Increased depth and dimension: Showcase the intricate details of artworks, bringing them to life and revealing their true beauty.
  • Enhanced storytelling: Develop an engaging narrative for your exhibition, guiding visitors through a memorable journey.

Explore the possibilities with our gallery signage

Vivalyte’s smart LED solutions are perfect for museums and galleries aiming to create stunning and unforgettable experiences. Transform your space into a captivating destination for art lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

  • Art museums: Highlight subtle nuances in artworks, using dynamic lighting to create drama and ambiance, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • Archaeological museums: Utilize our precise lighting control to safely illuminate delicate artifacts, highlighting their historical significance and preserving their authenticity.
  • Thematic museums: Create immersive environments that transport visitors into a story, making their visit more engaging and memorable.

Take a look at the showcases on our website to discover several examples of gallery signage. Of course, you can always contact us to discuss a possible collaboration.


We light up
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Vivalyte provides stylish and cost-effective solutions for eye-catching creative lighting. By using innovative LED products, strong technical expertise, and an unparalleled customer service, we solve even the most challenging lighting issues.

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