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Led strips for architectural signage

Vivalyte’s flexible Pixeline is a top choice for customizable RGBW LED strips designed specifically for architectural signage. It is configurable into unique shapes and controlled using DMX/SPI, allowing Pixeline LED strips to dramatically enhance buildings, events, or landscapes. Its pre-wired format and external diffusive silicone cover secure an IP68 waterproof rating while ensuring a consistent spread of light. These strips can be connected endlessly, maintaining a uniform and seamless light intensity throughout. The modular structure of the strips also supports the easy and secure replacement of individual components, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Extended Duration
  • Broad Scale
  • Dual-Component Construction
  • Even Lighting
  • IP 68 Rated

The Pixel Neonflex is a user-friendly RGBW pixel LED strip that opens up fresh creative doors for lighting designers. With our LED strips tailored for architectural signage, they are empowered to assume greater or more imaginative designs. The Pixel Neonflex addresses common challenges such as fading light intensity over distance, limited shaping flexibility, high energy usage, and the constraints of small-scale designs.

Optimal LED strips for architectural signage

Vivalyte’s Pixel Neonflex offers designers a robust outdoor lighting solution, expanding their creative horizons significantly.

  • Extended seamless light streams
  • Broad structure (40mm)
  • Integrated two-part construction
  • Consistent light intensity throughout
  • P68 standard ensuring durability

The Pixel Neonflex can be used to light up buildings, events, landscapes, or artworks with a seamlessly beautiful glow. Delivering 460 lumens per meter, the RGBW LED strips use a safe 24V DC, minimizing power consumption.

Innovatively designed with pre-wired cabling, up to 20-meter-long sections can join without visible joining points, color shifts, or brightness losses. Its adaptable design easily contours to any architectural form. With an IP 68 rating, these strips are ensured to function across temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C.

Brought to you by the creative minds at Vivalyte, this architectural Neon Flex lighting is artistry in illumination.

Adjustable, economical, and programmable LED strips

The Pixeline flexible RGBW LED strips are crafted with sustainability at the forefront. Their modular format allows for straightforward part replacement, enhancing maintenance efficiency without needing to overhaul the complete setup.

The Pixeline also boasts exceptional power efficiency, needing minimal electricity thanks to the use of high-performance LEDs and a secure 24V supply.

Furthering ecological considerations, the LED strip is entirely remotely programmable, ensuring that lighting is only active when necessary. With fully adjustable LED brightness, light pollution can be effectively managed and minimized.


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