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Led strips for lighting architects

Vivalyte’s Pixeline modular system offers premier flexible RGBW LED strips perfect for lighting architects. Customizable for varied shapes and manageable via DMX/SPI, Pixeline LED strips enhance the appearance of buildings, events, or landscapes distinctly. Its design includes pre-installed wiring and a diffusive silicone exterior, ensuring IP68 protection and consistent light spread. These strips can be connected endlessly, ensuring a continuous and uniform light output. The strips’ modular nature also simplifies component replacement, promoting cost efficiency.

  • Extended Length
  • Large Size
  • Two-piece Construction
  • Consistent Lighting
  • IP 68 Rated

The Pixel Neonflex presents a user-friendly RGBW pixel LED strip that opens up fresh design opportunities for lighting specialists. Our LED strips let designers think big or be inventive. Pixel Neonflex addresses common issues like reduced light consistency over distance, restricted shape adaptation, high energy use, and constraints in detailed designs.

Optimal LED strips for professionals

Pixel Neonflex by Vivalyte provides an exterior lighting strip that liberates designers.

  • Extended seamless illumination
  • Broad dimension (40mm)
  • Handy unitary two-part configuration
  • Even light intensity across the strip
  • P68 protection for reliable usage

Pixel Neonflex enhances buildings, events, landscapes, or artworks with a flawless lighting effect. The RGBW LED strips, delivering 460 lumens per meter, function on a safe 24V DC and consume minimal power.

With a specially patented design featuring preset wiring, 20-meter strip lengths are combinable without disruptions or changes in color or brightness, following any architectural contour effortlessly. The IP 68 rating ensures safety and operation in temperatures from -20°C to +60°C.

Vivalyte’s creative team, with their cutting-edge Neon Flex design, revolutionizes architectural lighting.

Durable, cost-effective, and remotely programmable LED strips for lighting architects

Designed with durability in mind, the Pixeline’s flexible RGBW LED strips allow for easy part replacements, offering a cost-effective solution that minimizes the need for complete system overhauls.

Efforts to reduce the power consumption were also critical, with high-efficiency LEDs used to lower electricity usage through a secure 24V connection.

Furthering environmental considerations, the strips are fully remotely programmable and manageable, enabling control over lighting only when necessary. With fully dimmable LEDs, light levels can be finely adjusted to prevent light pollution.


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