Interactive Light Wall by Vivalyte on EuroShop 2020 in Dusseldorf

Suppose you sell click laminate flooring that is resistant to water. You could tell that to your customers, but what is much better? Showing your product in a wet environment. But because water on an exhibition floor is really inconvenient, Vivalyte created an immersive underwater environment where visitors literally walked on the ocean floor.

The walls of the stand were made with a large-format dynamic lightbox frame. A motion sensor registered where people approached the wall, and caused the water to move in those spots via interactive software from Magicor.

In this way a very compelling environment was created. To make the interactive experience even stronger, we had fish swim around in our sea. Small and large fish responsive to people touching the wall. Before long, people were enthusiastically playing with the wall and being drawn into the Berry Alloc Booth. Speaking of complete immersion!

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