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Gent Licht Festival 2024

Vivalyte partnership Lichtfestival Gent - 019 Neighbour

Vivalyte support Gent Licht Festival 2024 to enlightening public

We are proud to announce our role as an official partner for the 2024 edition of the Gent Licht Festival 2024. As frontrunners in the field of lighting innovation on art and creative projects for architects, Vivalyte extends its support to illuminate the artistic visions of creators and enhance the visual spectacle of this esteemed festival.

Vivalyte x Lichtfestival Gent

For the Ghent Light Festival 2024, Vivalyte deepens its commitment to the city as the official partner, contributing its technical proficiency to illuminate the urban canvas with an array of captivating light installations. Besides the general partnership, one of the highlights of this collaboration is the technical support provided to the artists of the 019 art collective in bringing their extraordinary light art piece, ‘Neighbor,’ to life.

Vivalyte partnership Lichtfestival Gent
Picture: 019 Collective

Neighbor: Light meets Language

‘Neighbor’ is a captivating light structure comprising eight digits reminiscent of a digital clock. This innovative installation transforms into a canvas for artists and writers, allowing them to program textual interventions and create visual contributions. ‘Neighbor’ pushes the boundaries of conventional digital displays, exploring the poetic and subversive potential of light.


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