Vivalyte developed a new modular sustainable LED light for the OpenStructures design methodology. The tube light fits perfectly into the recycling-oriented and collaborative approach of the initiative and wants to support a more sustainable way of designing.

Vivlayte is proud to announce a partnership with OpenStructures. This Brussels-based open modular design team explores the possibilities of modular construction methodology where anyone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared 4×4 grid.

sustainable modular led tube light for OpenStructures

Belgian-German inspirers Thomas Lommée and Christiane Högner want to move away from the myth that the highest goal is to create something new, something that has “never been done before”. Instead, they want to engage within larger projects that make sense.

We are increasingly confronted with the urgency of the ecological crisis and there is a growing realization that transition in our thinking is necessary to slow down this climate change as much as possible. There is a need for solutions that originate from a human-centered, sustainable and collaborative approach. In order to give this way of working a firm push, the OpenStuctures methodology was set up.

sustainable modular led tube light for OpenStructures

The methodology of the OpenStructures system is based on contemporary models, such as the Internet as an open resource, peer-to-peer collaborative networks, common creative rules and licensing. The OpenStructures system allows components and/or objects to be downloaded, edited and published.

A beautiful design philosophy with a love for sustainable design that, not so coincidentally, won the Henry Van De Velde Gold Award Ecodesign prize! Because Vivalyte also has a strong focus on sustainable products, a basis for an in-depth collaboration was quickly established.

It is with great pleasure that we put our shoulders to the wheel of this wonderful project. As experts in optimal lighting, we helped think about lighting components that could support the modular idea of OpenStructures. Because that was something many designs still lacked: appropriate lighting.

The result is pleasing to the eye: a tube lamp that fits perfectly into the modules of OpenStructures and thus has a complementarity with the full range of designs. A design somewhat reminiscent of a fluorescent lamp of yesteryear, but now with efficient LEDs and a built-in 24V adapter so that a regular outlet can be used.

sustainable modular led tube light for OpenStructures

Nothing is better to discover a product than in real life. Therefore, we are pleased to present the new lights at our booth (A16-B15) at SITEM in Paris from June 28 to 30, 2022.

Open Structure and Vivlayte Open LED Tube Light