Quality, innovation and flexible service are our key values. We’re very proud to announce that our hard work is paying off! In March, Lichtwerber Deutschland rewarded us with the LWD Innovation Award for our latest innovation: Smart Signage.

LWD or Lichtwerber Deutschland is a German association for light component manufacturers, internationally recognized in the sector. As they say themselves “Imagine a world without signage or luminous advertising”, let’s say the world would be a very grey place!

Smart Signage is an all-in-one controlling system that helps you manage your different LED installations, whether they’re based locally or all over the world. No more running from one installation to another to change the settings. Communication is cloud-based and can be measured, monitored and managed from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Click here to discover more about the Internet of Things in Signage.

On the picture (from left to right): Lei Li (CEO), Martin Sedlak (Account Manager) & Lorenz Vlieghe (Account Manager).