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Immersive lighting for All Out Amsterdam

Colorful lights from Vivalyte illuminate The All Out Amsterdam’s bar area, offering an enthralling visual experience.

We are always pushing the boundaries of lighting technology to turn illuminations into immersive experiences. And so we entered into a partnership with Orbit Lighting to light up The All Out Amsterdam, a premier venue known for its vibrant nightlife and unforgettable ambiance. This collaboration has set a new standard for how venues can use lighting to enhance their guest experiences dramatically.

The All Out Amsterdam wanted to revolutionize its lighting to create an immersive environment for its visitors. Vivalyte was the chosen partner for this venture due to our reputation for innovative LED solutions and our ability to customize these solutions to meet the specific needs of any venue. Our mission was clear: to equip The All Out with a lighting system that was not only visually stunning but also versatile and user-friendly.

Vivalyte’s immersive lighting casting a vibrant glow over The All Out Amsterdam bar, enhancing the nightlife experience.
Vivalyte’s dynamic lighting adds a star-studded effect to The All Out Amsterdam’s

Our approach focused on three key components: the Pixel Neon F16F for dynamic neon lettering, 360° neon lighting for creating an enveloping light experience, and a sophisticated pixel control system for effortless management of the lighting scenes.

Wondering why the All Out Amsterdam became the hotspot for a blazing night with friends? Read the full showcase here!


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