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Pixeline Flex – the ultralong modular RGBW LED strip

Façade lighting for The Wings, an example of smart LED solutions by Vivalyte.

The ideal LED strip for architectural illumination

Vivalyte’s modular Pixeline is the ideal flexible RGBW LED strip to illuminate architecture. Able to take on custom shapes and controlled via DMX/SPI, the Pixeline makes buildings, events or landscapes really stand out. The pre-cabled design with external diffusive silicone casing guarantees an IP68 sealing and an even distribution of light. The strips can be linked together for an infinite length, seamless and with homogeneous light intensity. The cost-saving modular design allows convenient and safe replacement of individual components.

  •    Long Run
  •   Large Form
  •   2-part Design
  •   Homogeneous
  •   IP 68


The Pixel Neonflex is an easy-to-use RGBW pixel LED strip that gives lighting designers new possibilities. Lighting designers get to work as large or creative as they can imagine. Pixel Neonflex is an innovative solution to known technical limitations such as decreasing light intensity and uniformity at longer distances, limited freedom of shape, high consumption and limitation to small-scale elaborations.

With the Pixel Neonflex, Vivalyte designed an outdoor lighting strip that gives designers wings.

  • Long seamless light lines
  • Wide format (40mm)
  • Convenient integrated 2-piece design
  • Homogeneous light intensity over full length
  • P68 protection for worry-free application

Use the Pixel Neonflex to illuminate buildings, events, landscapes or works of art with a completely seamless effect. The RGBW LED strips with a light output of 460 lumens per metre operate on a safe 24V DC with low power consumption.

Thanks to the innovative, patented design with pre-assembled cabling, strips of 20 metres can be connected together without any visible transition, colour differences or degradation of brightness. Its flexible design mounts very easily and allows it to follow any architectural shape. the IP 68 rating provides security and guarantees operation in temperatures from -20°C to +60°C.

Architectural lighting design, made by the creative team of Vivalyte and their innovative Neon Flex.

The Pixeline flexible RGBW LED strip was designed with sustainability in mind. The modular design ensures that all parts can be easily replaced. This cost-effective approach increases the ease of updating without having to replace the entire system.

Additionally, work was also done towards a remarkably low consumption of the lighting installation. Using super-efficient LEDs the Pixeline requires minimal electricity via a safe 24V connection.

In an effort to make the LED strip even more ecological, it is fully remotely programmable and manageable. This means that the installation can be controlled so that the lights only are on when it makes sense. Thanks to the fully dimmable LEDs, brightness can also be controlled very precisely to avoid light pollution.


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