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Brand signage for Gregory’s

Reliable LED Signage for Gregory's Greek coffee chain (Neon led - VNL-F16-F)

We love bringing innovative lighting solutions to enhance brand identity and customer experience. So we collaborated with Greek Sign maker Fotep to address the branding of Gregory’s, Greece’s largest coffee and fast food chain.

Gregory’s has been offering fine coffee and delicious food since 1972 across more than 340 stores across Europe. Gregory’s embodies a rich tradition of quality and customer service. To enhance its iconic branding further, Gregory’s partnered with Vivalyte to integrate our innovative Neon Flex F16F lights into their storefront designs.

Attractive LED Signage for Greek coffee chain Gregory's (Neon led)
Recognisable LED Signage for Greek coffee chain Gregory's (Neon led)

The main focus was the versatile Neon Flex F16F lighting system. The vibrant and uniform illumination enhances the visibility of the Gregory’s outlets both day and night but also strengthens their brand presence in highly competitive urban markets.

Are you interested to know how we helped Gregory’s with their branding? Read the full showcase here!


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