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Vivalyte shines at [d]arc Awards

[d]arc night - darc awards 2023 - vivalyte celebration on celebration party

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Vivalyte received special recognition at this year’s [d]arc awards, held at the iconic Fabric nightclub in London. The awards ceremony, themed around the vibrant 1980s, was a dazzling evening celebrating innovation and excellence in lighting design. With 370 entries from around the globe and over 11,000 votes cast by professional lighting designers, the competition was fierce, making our achievements even more remarkable.

Among the highlights of the night, we were particularly proud to see that two of the shortlisted projects featured Vivalyte products, demonstrating our continued impact and presence in the lighting design community. Notably, our Pixeline product advanced to the finals in the highly competitive Kit Exterior category, showcasing its superior design and functionality.

[d]arc night - darc awards 2023 - vivalyte shortlisted on stage
[d]arc night - darc awards 2023 - vivalyte lighting artwork with Pao Palma and Light Bureau

In addition to our success in the awards, we had the honor of collaborating on a stunning installation for the evening. Partnering with designer Pao Palma and Light Bureau, we created a captivating artwork that drew inspiration from the Ballroom and Vogue scenes of the 1980s—a significant cultural movement that provided a welcoming space for the LGBTIQ+ community. Our installation deconstructed the iconic disco ball, transforming it into a contemporary piece characterized by mysterious hues and intriguing textures. The artwork not only paid homage to the era’s inclusivity and creativity but also highlighted the innovative spirit that defines Vivalyte.

The [d]arc awards themselves are a unique celebration of lighting design, known for their inclusive and peer-driven approach. Organized by [d]arc media and Light Collective, these awards leverage the esteemed reputations of arc and darc magazines, which are among the most widely read and respected publications in the lighting design industry. The awards process is uniquely democratic—anyone can enter, and once a shortlist is determined by an international jury, independent lighting designers, architects, and interior designers cast their votes. This peer-to-peer voting system ensures that the recognition truly reflects the consensus of the professional community.

[d]arc night - darc awards 2023 - vivalyte partnership
picture: Gavriil Papadiotis
[d]arc night - darc awards 2023 - vivalyte party
picture: Gavriil Papadiotis

All entries are showcased on the [d]arc awards website, providing a valuable resource for inspiration and networking within the industry. Each entrant also benefits from a profile in the [d]arc awards directory, enhancing visibility and connection among designers and clients.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the [d]arc awards for orchestrating such a spectacular event and to all the lighting designers who participated. Being part of this esteemed gathering and having our products and projects recognized is a true honor. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence in lighting design, contributing to even more extraordinary projects in the future.


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