EMBL – large dynamic lightboxes show microscopic small objects

Vivalyte helped the designers of the new EMBL building to create a wow experience for the visitors. Complex processes from nano-biology are clearly explained via large animated dynamic lightboxes. Never before did so many people take a selfie in front of a scientific presentation. Biology enlarged by lightboxes The European Molecular & [...]

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Illuminating connections: Vivalyte supports designers for Wonder Festival

At Vivalyte, we love to shine a light on innovation, creativity, and human connections. That's why we were thrilled to partner with young designers as they embarked on a journey to create an art installation for the Wonder Creative Festival in Kortrijk. This festival represents more than just an event; it's a celebration of [...]

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Lighting Up the Court: Vivalyte teams up with Kortrijk Spurs

Sport, just like business, is not just about winning games; it's about the values and spirit that drive teams to achieve greatness. At Vivalyte, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Kortrijk Basketball team "House Of Talents Spurs". This collaboration is a celebration of entrepreneurship, team spirit, the relentless pursuit of improvement, [...]

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Pixeline Flex – the ultralong modular RGBW LED strip for architecture

The ideal LED strip for architectural illumination Vivalyte’s modular Pixeline is the ideal flexible RGBW LED strip to illuminate architecture. Able to take on custom shapes and controlled via DMX/SPI, the Pixeline makes buildings, events or landscapes really stand out. The pre-cabled design with external diffusive silicone casing guarantees an IP68 sealing and [...]

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Vivalyte Partners with BUMP Festival

Vivalyte x BUMP Festival: Igniting Innovation and Creativity in Design and Lighting We are excited to announce that Vivalyte has teamed up with the annual BUMP festival, a one-day creative conference that combines great speakers with an amazing atmosphere. This collaboration aims to bring together the worlds of design, motion graphics, creative coding, and [...]

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Citeco Paris – How to use lighting to make a museum on economy more attractive

A Captivating Fusion of Scenography and Lighting Housed in a marvelous historic building in Paris, Citéco is a museum dedicated to the economy. But even if the neo-Renaissance urban château is enchanting in itself, it took more to keep visitors spellbound by the story of the economy and money. In Citéco, this challenge was [...]

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A modular sustainable light – Vivalyte is partnering with OpenStructures

Vivalyte developed a new modular sustainable LED light for the OpenStructures design methodology. The tube light fits perfectly into the recycling-oriented and collaborative approach of the initiative and wants to support a more sustainable way of designing. Vivlayte is proud to announce a partnership with OpenStructures. This Brussels-based open modular design team explores the [...]

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A successful bachelor project on sustainable lighting in collaboration with Open Structures

Vivalyte is proud to have served as a technical partner in Lydia Cauwels' graduation project. Our expertise in lighting came in very handy for a student designing modular lighting but looking for some technical guidance in doing so. The Howest Bachelor Industrial Product Design teaches students to design meaningful and sustainable products for a [...]

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