EMBL – large dynamic lightboxes show microscopic small objects

Vivalyte helped the designers of the new EMBL building to create a wow experience for the visitors. Complex processes from nano-biology are clearly explained via large animated dynamic lightboxes. Never before did so many people take a selfie in front of a scientific presentation. Biology enlarged by lightboxes The European Molecular & [...]

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Illuminating connections: Vivalyte supports designers for Wonder Festival

At Vivalyte, we love to shine a light on innovation, creativity, and human connections. That's why we were thrilled to partner with young designers as they embarked on a journey to create an art installation for the Wonder Creative Festival in Kortrijk. This festival represents more than just an event; it's a celebration of [...]

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Citeco Paris – How to use lighting to make a museum on economy more attractive

A Captivating Fusion of Scenography and Lighting Housed in a marvelous historic building in Paris, Citéco is a museum dedicated to the economy. But even if the neo-Renaissance urban château is enchanting in itself, it took more to keep visitors spellbound by the story of the economy and money. In Citéco, this challenge was [...]

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